After many years of research by the inventor, Mr. Schraufstetter, a novel process in the field of pressureless, catalytic low-temperature depolymerisation (cold-catalytic-conversion CCC) was found, which, in particular due to its intelligent design, enables a permanently economical operation.

Milestones in the development of the process by the inventor:

since 1980 First test series in combination with biogas plants
1990 - 2010 Various test facilities
2010 1st pilot plant
2012 2st pilot plant
2014 Spain
2017 Germany
2020 Bulgaria

The new process is described under the abbreviation CDS (catalytic depolimerisation acc. Schraufstetter).

After appropriate preparation and processing of the input material, the chemical conversion in the reactor to an oil vapour takes place in less than 1 second. This produces a high-quality middle distillate from almost all usable residues, which is of higher quality than normally available oil products. The production costs per litre are about 22 Ct., and can be even lower depending on the input material. Due to the closed circuit and pressureless process, there is no environmental pollution whatsoever. No dioxins or furans are produced due to the low temperatures. A small amount of gas is fed into our own combined heat and power plant. Furthermore, no waste water is produced. Most of the catalyst supplied is recovered, reprocessed and returned to the process cycle. Thus, the process serves environmental protection, fuel production and the creation of jobs.