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Macroeconomic and private sector impact

The process of catalytic oiling of waste and organic materials can be operated in an economically positive way if the right technology is used. The production price per litre is actually approx. 0.22 € when using plastic waste. The comparative price to the crude oil price per barrel is thus a little more than 30 $. Since production is simpler, relatively emission-free and significantly reduces CO2, this technology should be given preference over the existing processes, even if world market prices for crude oil are lower, by allocating CO2 certificates and tax breaks.

Instead of burning the waste materials in incineration plants with simultaneous CO2 emissions by supplying energy using complex technological measures, especially for exhaust gas purification, as has been the case up to now, our CDS process enables the almost complete recovery of the raw materials as energy sources.

Our end-product is of excellent quality and can be used without restriction as vehicle fuel (after adding the additives required by DIN standards) or heating oil and is therefore highly tradable.

Due to the high efficiency of the plant (approx.85%) the process has a positive energy balance and is largely emission-free.

A great economic benefit of a widespread use of this technology results from the following considerations: