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Waste oilification (CDS-Method)

Schraufstetter have finally led to an economically sensible depolymerisation process.

After appropriate preparation and processing of the input material, the chemical conversion in the reactor to an oil vapour takes place in less than 1 second. In the process, a high-quality middle distillate is produced from almost all usable residues, which is often of higher quality than normally available oil products. Due to the closed circuit and the pressureless process, there is no environmental pollution. No dioxins or furans are produced due to the low temperatures. A small proportion of the gas produced is fed into the company's own combined heat and power plant.

The CDS process is suitable for all types of waste, but especially for:

Important: The waste must not exceed a certain size and humidity. This may require further processing steps in advance, but these are not a technical problem.

The plants can be scaled as required, depending on the amount of waste to be processed. Here in the example a plant with four reactors: