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Service and security


After installation and commissioning of the plant, Biocon will instruct the necessary personnel in the operation and maintenance of the plant on site. In addition, remote monitoring and remote maintenance to the Biocon headquarters will be set up in order to provide rapid assistance in the event of a malfunction.


The plant is energetically self-supplying and all process relevant parts are secured. Due to the closed construction of the plant, any escape of gases is impossible. The only emissions from the plant are the exhaust gases from the CHP unit, which supplies the plant with electricity and heat. The CHP unit can be additionally equipped with an exhaust gas purification system. The process also does not produce any waste water.
In order to ensure that the safety requirements for the tightness of the plant are met, these are monitored by permanent pressure sensors and a safety shutdown is activated if necessary. Adequate collecting devices are provided for the oil tanks and their supply lines so that no contamination of the ground can occur.
In contrast to other processes, there is no risk of highly toxic gases such as dioxins or furans occurring due to the low temperature. Ion-exchange final catalysts bind the halogens as salts below the splitting temperature so that these substances can no longer form dioxins.
All relevant parts of the plant are constantly monitored so that the plant is automatically switched off in case of impure input-materials, a drop in necessary filling levels or a failure of pumps. This also applies to the CHP.
Each safety shutdown additionally triggers an alarm in the service centres (on-site and remote). The log-files kept receive corresponding entries.
The system can only be put back into operation after the cause has been eliminated and the system has been released by the service centre. This minimizes control errors and malfunctions caused by improper repair attempts.
Restarting the system takes approx. 15 minutes and is also process-controlled and monitored, thus minimizing further process errors.
The measuring sensors are designed redundantly, whereby at least two measured values must always correlate with each other, otherwise a safety shutdown is also automatically triggered.
In addition, various sensors as "predective maintenance elements" ensure timely information about system components that are at risk of failure.

Approval documents

In the areas of fire protection, explosion protection, occupational health and safety, Biocon provides the operator with the necessary documentation to obtain the necessary permits from the competent authorities. The basis for this is the operating license granted in Germany.